Existing Products


  • Circle PremiumCircleDNA

    CircleDNA is our in-house developed consumer genetic testing offering, which brings technologically advanced genetic testing to our customers along with comprehensive reports accessible at our customers’ fingertips. It employs whole exome sequencing, a next-generation sequencing method, that can identify up to 90% of the genetic variants associated with cancers and certain other diseases.

    Customers have access to over 500 reports across 20 categories covering disease risks, drug response, family planning, diet, common health risks, personal traits and nutrition, among others, which enable early detection of diseases and allow them to take preventive measures and make healthier life choices. Find out more


  • ColoClearColoClear

    ColoClear is a non-invasive, stool-based FIT-DNA test for colorectal cancer screening test for detecting early signs of colorectal cancer using at-home sample collection, providing an easy alternative to Colonoscopy. According to clinical studies, the sensitivity of ColoClear is up to 96% in colorectal cancer and 64% in advanced adenoma detection. It is the only cancer screening test approved by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA). Find out more


  • Project ScreenProject Screen: The Covid-19 Initiative

    Prenetics launched Project Screen, an initiative for COVID-19 testing approved and adopted by the Hong Kong and United Kingdom government. Prenetics, driven by a duty of responsibility, has now performed more than 6 million PCR laboratory tests globally and has a daily testing capacity of over 40,000 tests.

    We are the sole provider of COVID-19 tests to all 20 clubs in the English Premier League, have many blue-chip clientele including Virgin Atlantic and operate 11 labs. Find out more
  • HealthPodCircle HealthPod

    Circle HealthPod is a health monitoring system that provides rapid, lab-quality molecular testing for COVID-19 and is being developed for influenza and STDs — anytime, anywhere in 30 minutes. Utilizing technology developed in collaboration with the University of Oxford, Circle HealthPod has received CE-IVD mark, completed a usability study in the U.S. and a clinical validation is in progress with aim to receive EUA from U.S. FDA by early 2022.

    Our mission is to leverage science to rapidly detect disease, anytime and anywhere. Find out more
  • Circle SnapShotCircle SnapShot

    Circle SnapShot is a variety of simple, painless, at-home blood tests, designed to provide key insights across 50+ health concerns, including food sensitivity, food allergy, vitamin deficiency, sexual health, heart health, diabetes risk, men’s and women’s health. We provide in-depth reports for each test, with physician-backed insights to help individuals optimise their health behaviours and improve their overall well being.
    Find out more


  • 9CirclePaw: DNA Test for Dogs

    CirclePaw is an advanced new at-home DNA test for dogs that uncovers 200+ DNA insights into your dog’s genetic health risks, breed composition, and traits. Our mission is to ensure that man’s best friend always receives the best care by equipping pet parents around the world with comprehensive knowledge of exactly what their dogs need.
    CirclePaw offers 3 different tests: Health DNA Test for Dogs. Breed DNA Test for Dogs and Premium DNA Test for Dogs. Find out more