Pipeline Products


  • Circle SnapShotCircle SnapShot

    Circle SnapShot is an at-home blood test with a user-friendly blood sample collection and result delivery system, which we will be launching in 2022. It is designed to be an end-to-end user-friendly blood sample collection and result delivery system that analyzes blood markers across key areas of health concern, including food intolerance, food allergy, vitamin deficiency, sexual health, heart health, diabetes risk and men’s and women’s health.
  • Circle MedicalCircle Medical

    Recognizing an increasing demand from medical professionals to identify causal genetic mutations for patients with certain symptoms, we plan to launch Circle Medical, which offers more extensive testing and analyses for medical professionals to identify such mutations and design treatment plans by searching the patient’s genetic data exhaustively via symptom-targeted reporting.

Personalized Care

  • Circle One and F1x/FemCircle One and F1x/Fem

    Circle One and F1x/Fem aims to provide customers personalized nutrition, hair loss and sexual health (e.g., erectile dysfunction) products tailored to each customer’s individual and unique genetic variation and biology.