CirclePaw: The New DNA Test for Dogs that Provides 200+ Insights into Your Pet’s Breed & Health Risks


(Hong Kong, 1 December 2022) - All any pet parent wants is to give their dog the best life possible – but when our dogs can’t tell us exactly what they’re feeling or what they need, how can we know that we’re doing the right things for our pets? This is the question that industry-leading biotechnology company, Prenetics Global Limited (Nasdaq: PRE) is aiming to answer with the launch of their latest product: CirclePaw, an advanced new DNA test for dogs that uncovers 200+ insights on genetic health risks, breed composition, and physical & behavioral traits to help pet parents provide happier, healthier lives for their dogs – all thanks to their DNA.

CirclePaw was developed by leading genetic experts, including Prenetics’ own Chief Clinical Officer Dr. Senthil Sundaram and Vice President of Bioinformatics, Dr. Lishuang Shen, in close collaboration from leading veterinary genetics expert, Dr. Bianca Waud, Associate Professor in Veterinary Systems Biology from the University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science. CirclePaw’s reports aim to empower pet parents with an in-depth understanding of their dogs so that they can take early action to avoid cancer & disease, tailor their dogs’ training to their predisposed personality and breed traits, and personalise their dogs’ care according to their unique characteristics.

“While pet ownership is on the rise worldwide, unfortunately, the number of health issues such as skin disease, dental disease, obesity, and others are also on the rise among pet populations. Actually, 40% of dogs suffer from genetic diseases that could be avoided with proper care and attention,” says Dr. Sundaram, a genetics scientist who was previously funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and who also served in the reviewer panel for NIH.

With CirclePaw, pet parents worldwide can feel rest assured that they’ll be more aware of these risks at an earlier stage, so these outcomes can be prevented with more personalised and comprehensive pet care. All it takes is one simple, non-invasive saliva swab to generate CirclePaw’s comprehensive reports, which are directly accessible via the Circle app in as little as 2 weeks.

“The field of animal genomics is relatively under-researched and poorly understood,” adds Dr. Sundaram. “With CirclePaw, we are proud to offer a solution that not only helps pet owners worldwide, but also advances the field of pet healthcare through our partnerships with veterinary research institutions and veterinary hospitals which will leverage our insights to help improve treatment options for pets.”

CirclePaw’s product line includes 3 different DNA tests that cater to different pets’ needs:

  • CirclePaw Breed DNA Test for Dogs (US$319/ HK$1,690) – For those who want to understand their dogs better, there’s no better place to start than with their breeds; CirclePaw’s Breed test helps you discover your dog’s detailed breed breakdown, as well as an easy-to-read explanation of the characteristics typically associated with those breeds.
  • CirclePaw Health DNA Test for Dogs (US$219/ HK$1,690) – For those who prioritise health over all else, CirclePaw’s Health test provides a detailed screening of your dog’s genetic risks for 160+ cancers & diseases.
  • CirclePaw Premium DNA Test for Dogs (US$219/ HK$2,490) – CirclePaw’s most comprehensive test includes all of the detailed reports included in both the Health and Breed DNA Tests, plus an extra category that looks at 35+ physical & behavioural traits such as barking tendency, independence, attention-seeking behaviour, and more.

“These days, more and more people are thinking of their pets not just as household companions, but as true family members,” says Danny Yeung, Prenetics’ CEO and Co-Founder. “I’m very proud of our scientific and product teams’ effort to expand our care and genomics expertise beyond just human health. This is a great step for us at Prenetics as we continue to build not just individual brands, but an end-to-end health ecosystem that can address the full range of health concerns that families may encounter in their daily lives.”

CirclePaw can be purchased via with free shipping & sample returns to 30+ countries globally.

About Prenetics Global Limited (Nasdaq: PRE)
Founded in 2014, Prenetics is a major global diagnostics and genetic testing company with the mission to bring health closer to millions of people globally and decentralize healthcare by making three pillars – Prevention, Diagnostics and Personalized Care – comprehensive and accessible to anyone, at any time and anywhere. Prenetics is led by visionary entrepreneur, Danny Yeung, with operations across 9 locations, including the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, and Southeast Asia. Prenetics develops consumer genetic testing and early colorectal cancer screening, in addition to COVID-19 testing, rapid point of care and at-home diagnostic testing, and medical genetic testing.

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